Project: Seminars and Workshops on Emergency Medical Services in Ghana

August, 2008
Topic: EMS and the Applications of Modern Information Technology in Rural Communities
Venue: Accra, Ghana

EMTs and others who attended the seminar at the Ridge Hospital, Accra. In the middle is Dr. Zakaria (in blue shirt), Director of the Ghana National Ambulance Service. In a tie is Adomako Adjapong who organized the free seminar for the EMTs.
Some of the EMTs who attended the seminar at the Ridge Hospital, Accra.
March, 2008
Topic: The Church and Emergency Medical Care
Venue: Kumasi

Religion is an integral part of Ghanaian living. Everyone believes in the Supreme Being. Everything good including health and prosperity is considered to have been provided by the Supreme Being. Diseases and other misfortunes are attributed to the devil. Because of this belief system, many church and other spiritual leaders are consulted for prayers for all sorts of conditions including emergency medical conditions. Because of that, lots of religious people pray with their pastors first before seeking medical attention. Sadly, some people die at some of the Churches during those critical conditions. Adomako Adjapong took upon himself to educate some church leaders in Ghana on how to identify human conditions which need medical attention.

Rev. Richard Asiedu and his wife (left) hosted the seminar at his Church in Kumasi. Also in the picture are some church leaders who took part in the program.
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